Breathe, relax, smile. Give yourself permission to dance. — Kit Smith, NZ

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2014 - Day 6: Photo-set Love.

Happy Birthday to Martial Artist, MMA Fighter, Invicta FC Champion, Model, Mother, and all-around badass Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson.

One of my favorite martial artists of all time.




because she will make a man out of you, regardless of your dimension








When I grow up I want to be Ming-Na Wen.

She’s the voice of Mulan, as if she wasn’t amazing enough.

She broke it with her fingers. Not a fist, her fingers.

Girl is 50 years old.


fun fact: When you break things with your hands like that you have t break your fingers on purpose before so that they heal stronger. So basically this woman is so badass she broke her hands just to do this. 

You asshat, you’re making it sound like she snaps her fingers in half. 

Martial artists like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (and yes, Ming-Na Wen, that beautiful badass) will build up their bone strength by repeatedly (and fairly gently) striking sand, gravel, wood and steel - this creates tons of microfractures in their bones (smaller than even a hairline fracture) so the bones will heal over again and make the bones stronger and denser with increased deposits of calcium. 

This has to be done over long-ass periods of time, so the bones have time to heal, and none of the fractures expand into actual breaks. 

Oh, and she’s doing precise-ass kicks in HIGH HEELS. 

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for my gorgeous Beast, on his birthday…Pacific Rim:The Sex Scene

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I attended a seminar with her at an EFC convention.  Very cool.

I attended a seminar with her at an EFC convention.  Very cool.





I think this is a pretty interesting video as it brings up the argument of what, exactly, real fighting is and, more importantly, what real kung fu is.

It’s obvious that both girls known Wing Chun. They have the form and technique down. But it comes apparent, pretty quickly, that the girl in blue sacrifices Wing Chun in favour of more “underhanded” tactics…shirt pulling, grappling and some questionable kicks.
The girl in white seems to keep her composure and maintains a pretty consistent Wing Chun attitude to the fight (minus a headlock here and there) but, more importantly, offers a real example of what Wing Chun looks like.

Granted, this seems to be a friendly fight but it’s obvious that Wing Chun isn’t graceful or flamboyant. In fact, it can pretty ugly and scrappy.
It aims to neutralize and counter an attack (which is shown a few times here) but, to the unbeknownst eye, it just looks like flailing limbs.
Wing Chun isn’t going to look like Donnie Yen’s “Ip Man” films. It’s brutal and punishing but far from pretty.

The other thing this fight poses is the question as to when it’s ok to modify your style. The girl in blue gives up on Wing Chun but does that make her smart? Is grappling and seemingly losing composure adaptation? In a friendly fight like this where, I’m assuming, it’s meant to be all Wing Chun she seems to miss the point but in a real fight does turning scrappy have its advantages?
You’ll notice the girl in white lands some pretty heavy punches while her opponent is scrabbling.

These are all good questions.  When do you switch styles or abandon one?  What does it get you in a real life-threatening fight?


I train Hapkido and we train with resistance sometimes, but we also seem to be pretty self-aware as an organization what about what we do is art and what is raw practicality. (A branch of our school is pretty much all cops and SWAT members and you can tell when they come and workout.)

Even with our lower rank we try and remind them. ‘We do this move like this to protect our partners. But in the wild, there are no rules.’. We practice hair pulling and other ‘dirty tricks’ too.

Love this video and commentary.




Competition Staff form: Jade Xu

Jade is awesome!!!! She is not only a top competitor but she’s active in the community, a performer for cirque de soleil, and in TV and movies like Tai Chi Zero/Hero.



Sport Science S02E11: World’s Toughest Woman (June/21/2009)

"Gina can land all 8 blows in a blistering 3 seconds. And how much does this maelstrom combine to generate? An amazing 4,800 pounds of force. That’s like a North Pacific giant octopus pounding you with all 8 of it’s arms. Translation: In 3 seconds, Gina could brake your ribs, give you a concussion, shatter your nose, rupture your spleen, cause internal bleeding, and put you down for the count."

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Era One 8 by masana


Eighth dan in Shotokan Karate, Pauline Laville-Bindra is one of the highest graded women in karate ever, and cited as the first women from the UK to study karate in 1961 when karate was just arriving in the UK.

She passed away in 2010.


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MULAN by Pugoffka-sama